First-ever Glog Meet-And-Greet – also some pictures…

28 03 2010

A neat event took place this past Saturday. Had circumstances been different for me, I would have been there myself.

Yesterday was the first ever Global Toronto Glog Meet-And-Greet.

What is the Glog? It’s a live online blog (read: chat) that was originally part of Global Toronto’s News Hour Final, when the late-night newscast was extended to a full hour about a year ago.

Glog stands for “Global bLOG“.

Since the Glog’s inception, the on-air presenters of the newscast took part in the conversation, to discuss the news that was covered in the show, and it was moderated by one of the Global staffers. When the original Glog concluded its run a few weeks ago, one of the viewers created his own version, which continues to run during the newscast, and has indeed been visited by the regular weeknight anchor, Leslie Roberts. We’re hoping other Global staff will also join us in the near future.

Some time ago, plans were put into action for the first meet-and-greet, and the event was announced to take place on March 27. And for the first ever edition, the turnout was quite good. Five of the regular Gloggers (ie. News Hour Final viewers who also are regular visitors to the Glog), plus two of the Global staff were there: Carolyn MacKenzie, the anchor for Friday’s News Hour Final as well as all of the weekend newscasts, and Bill Coulter, the weather specialist for the weekend shows, who has also filled in on News Hour Final from time to time.

Below are some photos that were taken of the group.

As I said before, because of certain circumstances, I was not able to make it to the event, though I wish I could have. It would have been neat to meet all of these great people, who I’ve had the pleasure to get to know over the past year online via the Glog. I’m hoping that in a future edition of the meet-and-greet, I’ll be able to attend.

Photos shown by Nina. The whole set of photos from the event can be seen on Facebook. Click this link to see them.

Most of the group, from left to right: Sara, Nina, Bill Coulter,
Paul, Carolyn MacKenzie, Vic

Bob, the seventh member of the Meet-And-Greet group

The great Global folks in attendance: weather specialist Bill Coulter,
News Hour Final Friday anchor Carolyn MacKenzie




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