Back on the air – had a blast tonight!

17 06 2011

After having taken a little time away, I returned to the airwaves tonight, with the return of my main radio show, The Musical Journey, at its new home: iJoy Radio. It felt great to be back on the air, and I had a lot of fun!

Tonight, I played a collection of my all-time favourite songs: everything from Alannah Myles to Collective Soul to Supertramp. Beginning next week, I’ll have my regular mix of classic rock and more, including double plays in the third hour, every week on The Musical Journey.

And for those who are in the need of some music to help them recharge for the rest of the work week, I have you taken care of too, with Over The Hump, a mix of what I call “the lighter side of rock” and the best in contemporary instrumental.

Catch me twice a week on iJoy Radio: Over The Hump, Wednesdays at 10pm Eastern, and The Musical Journey, Fridays at 6pm Eastern.

And the request line is open. If there is something you’d like to hear, drop me a line:

Check out the website:




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