Stanley Cup Final, Game 7 – the good and the bad…

16 06 2011

The world saw the good and the bad take place last night in Vancouver.

First, let’s get to the good. The Boston Bruins, with Conn Smythe-winning goaltender Tim Thomas between the pipes, defeated the Vancouver Canucks 4-0 to clinch the Stanley Cup in the seventh and deciding game.

The Bruins deserve a lot of credit for winning the Cup. They were indeed the better team – not only last night, but in the entire series. And the Bruins had to work hard to win this year. They became the first Stanley Cup champions to have to win three game 7s en route to the title.

Their victory last night ended a 39-year Stanley Cup drought: the last time the Bruins had won it all prior to last night was way back in 1972.

Congratulations to the Bruins.

And now, the bad. A group of hooligans rioted in Vancouver after the end of the game last night. I saw a comment on Twitter last night that said that riots that took place last night made what happened during the G20 conference in Toronto, nearly a year ago, pale in comparison.

I watched some of the video of what took place in Vancouver before I became sickened by what I was seeing and turned it off. It was damn ugly.

Former Toronto radio personality Rick Hodge said it best in his blog this morning:

‘A reporter on CBC said “Vancouver hasn’t seen anything like this since 1994.” Why is that significant? Because the last time Vancouver saw a riot like this was when the Canucks lost in the Stanley Cup final to the Rangers. High expectations, shattered dreams leads to riots in Vancouver. But over a hockey game?’

Rick’s comment is right on the money: all of this as a result of a hockey game – a sporting event, for goodness sake. Not a fight for freedom, like the riots we’ve seen in other parts of the world, but a hockey game!

Sadly, while what happened is definitely not how we, as Canadians, are in general, we’ll be judged by the rest of the world by what took place: the acts by a small group of idiots with nothing better to do than to cause havoc in the city that helped make Canada shine over a year ago, when Vancouver hosted the 2010 Winter Olympics.

And that’s what makes me ashamed to be a Canadian today.




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