The latest shows offered by GSN…

26 08 2012

…really don’t appeal to me.

Last week, GSN debuted two brand new shows: Beat the Chefs and The American Bible Challenge.

I already see interesting cooking competitions on Food Network, so I don’t need to see another one with Beat the Chefs, and as many of you know, I’m not a very religious person, so The American Bible Challenge holds no interest for me.

However, one upcoming show that I’m really looking forward to is GSN’s version of The Pyramid: its take on the classic Pyramid game show format that has been very successful in the 70s and 80s. From the promos I’ve seen so far, it looks like they’ve put the set together right. It’s modern, of course, but reminiscent of the earlier versions of the show (unlike the very dark-looking remake of Pyramid, hosted by Donny Osmond, a few years ago).

That said, I do wish they’d update the lineup at GSN, so that it isn’t running various versions of Family Feud seemingly all the time (almost to the point of calling GSN the “Family Feud” network).

I had a look at the schedule, and on three nights of the week, if they’re not running eps of Beat the Chefs or The American Bible Challenge, it’s an all-evening block of episodes of Family Feud, with either Richard Karn, John O’Hurley, or current FF host Steve Harvey. Plus, GSN runs an hour of Harvey’s version twice every day: once in the afternoon, and once just before the late-night block, which also has an episode each of Karn and O’Hurley. There is just too much¬†Family Feud on GSN. Don’t get me wrong: I like¬†Family Feud (I’m not a fan of Harvey’s version, though. I realize that Harvey’s version is newer, and has been well received by the viewers – I just don’t like the version). I just don’t want it to be on as much as it has been for some time.

There are other shows that were just taken off the air, like Jim Perry’s version of Card Sharks, and a variety of other shows that have aired in the past. Why can’t GSN pull them out for another run? Even some of the more-recently-produced shows, like Chain Reaction (which does get some air time) or Russian Roulette, both GSN-produced shows, could help with the schedule.