The NHL lockout continues… *sigh*

26 10 2012

[Posted today on Facebook. I decided that more people should see this, so I made it my blog entry, too.]

Ok, something came to mind. Yes, there was word today that the National Hockey League cancelled all the games for the month of November.

So what? If and when NHL hockey resumes for any number of games (even 82, if a deal had been made before last Thursday), the entire schedule will need to be adjusted, or rewritten, to get a decent balance of games within each conference and division. Once the NHL started cancelling regular season games, this became the case.

So why is the NHL bothering to cancel a month of games, when it’s clear that every team would need a whole new schedule anyway? Cancelling looks to be just a ploy to try to get the NHL Players’ Association to cave in.

In reality, the cancellations mean nothing!

Again, the people who are being hurt by this lockout are not the players or the owners, but rather those that stand to lose their jobs (if they haven’t already lost them) because of the lockout: arena staff, workers in restaurants near the arenas, sports memorabilia folk, to name a few.

Come on, owners and players. Enough is enough! Get together and solve this issue!