RIP Dick Clark…

19 04 2012

Unless you spent all of Wednesday under a rock, then you’ve heard about the passing of TV and media legend Dick Clark, who’d died after having had a massive heart attack while at hospital for outpatient surgery. He was 82.

Many will remember Dick from the decades he had spent as the host of American Bandstand. I admit, I was not one of those fans. Having grown up on country music, Bandstand really held no interest for me.

However, I’ve been a fan of game shows my entire life. And when it came to the various incarnations of the Pyramid game show that have run over the years, Dick was the quintessential host. Other folks have tried their hand at hosting Pyramid (John Davidson, Donny Osmond, even the legendary Bill Cullen) but no one could steer the course of a Pyramid show better than Dick could.

I was also a fan of other shows that Dick Clark hosted, such as TV’s Bloopers and Practical Jokes, in which he shared hosting duties with Ed McMahon. I always loved the way Dick handled himself, regardless of what show he was involved in.

One of the things that will constantly be talked about is the youthful appearance he always exhibited, up until his last few years. Take a look at footage from American Bandstand’s earlier days from the 50s, and compare it to images from the $25,000 Pyramid over 30 years later, and even some of his New Year’s Rockin’ Eve footage from before his 2004 stroke, and you’d find it very difficult to see a change in apparent age over those some 50 years! That was one of his hallmarks, and the reason he was dubbed “America’s Oldest Teenager”.

My condolences to Dick Clark’s family: his wife Kari Wigton, and his three children: Richard, Duane and Cindy.




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