The latest Blue Jays happenings…

24 01 2012

A couple of Blue Jays events for you today:

It’s been confirmed by the Blue Jays that they have come to terms with arbitration-bound pitcher Brandon Morrow, on a 3-year deal worth $20 million, plus a club option for 2015, worth an additional $10 million. It turns out that when Morrow and the Jays submitted salary numbers recently, in preparation for the arbitration hearing, they were only $300,000 apart, and that looks to be the impetus to get a deal done. The fact that Morrow will be with the Jays for a longer term is a definite plus. Along with having Ricky Romero signed for the next few years as well, a good chunk of the Jays’ rotation is in good shape for a while.

Also yesterday, the Jays signed veteran shortstop Omar Vizquel to a minor league deal, with an invitation to spring training. Vizquel will compete with Mike McCoy and Luis Valbuena for the Jays’ utility-player position.

I think this is a great move for the Jays. If Vizquel succeeds in staying with the Jays come April, he will be a very positive influence on the entire Jays clubhouse, particularly with regular third baseman Brett Lawrie. In addition to regularly playing shortstop, Vizquel has spent about 90 games in the past three seasons playing at third, so he knows the position, and so, he could possibly fill in there for Lawrie every now and then.

Vizquel’s presence at spring training may also force McCoy and Valbuena to step up their own games, to the point of one of them earning the utility role. Either way, Vizquel will help make the Jays better in the weeks leading up to them making the move north to Toronto. Plus, being a minor league deal, the Jays are not taking a huge chance on this venture.

Someone commented to me that even if Vizquel is not successful in landing a position with the Jays, he’d be very good in a coaching role. I fully agree. That is something that I think the Jays should consider, if they decide to go with McCoy or Valbuena for the utility position. The Jays would do well to have a positive influence like Vizquel in the dugout.




One response

24 01 2012
Ben Hives

“Someone commented to me that even if Vizquel is not successful in landing a position with the Jays, he’d be very good in a coaching role”

That was me! But in all seriousness, I’m pretty excited to see more years for Morrow. He may not be an ace, but a 13.1 K/9 makes for a good watch. Hopefully he’ll be able to drop the ERA this season.

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