Rather quiet day on the internet. Good reason why…

18 01 2012

A number of websites, including Wikipedia, have gone silent and black for the day, to give internet users a sense of what likely will happen to their internet should the US Congress and Senate, respectively, pass the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) and Protect-IP Act (PIPA). One of the other sites that has shut down for the day is Cakewrecks.com, one of the daily blogs I read. They have this to say about SOPA and PIPA:

‘These bills seek to censor the Internet, and would give the government power to shut down websites over even the accusation of copyright infringement, no proof needed.

Stopping online piracy is a good thing. Doing so at the expense of free speech and the global Internet is not.

Thanks to public outcry SOPA was shelved by the House this week, only to be brought back again late last night. It’s expected to continue going forward next month, and its sister bill PIPA is scheduled for a vote next week. Don’t stop now. Please, go to Stop American Censorship to learn more, and tell your representatives to protect your right to free speech by opposing both bills.’

Canadian web surfers will also be hurt by these bills if they go through. Many of the websites we use, like Wikipedia and others, are based in the US, or are considered to be in the American “domain of influence” and will, therefore, be subject to the terms of the bills. Many of them will be shut down completely as a result, making the internet not nearly as good a place to be as before.

I support everyone who is trying to stop these bills from being passed.




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