My thoughts about the current new season of The Price Is Right…

5 01 2012

A few months ago, CBS saw the debut of the 40th season of The Price Is Right, and Drew Carey’s 5th season as host. This also marks the first full season with George Gray as the full-time announcer of the show.

A couple of notable differences in the set this year. In addition to the “40th anniversary” markers between the doors on the stage, the video screen behind the audience is now much larger than it used to be. This thing is huge! There is also an LED lightbar that runs across the curtain behind the audience.

I’ve said in the past, on both Twitter and Facebook, that I like Drew Carey as the current TPIR host. He took over to start season #36, after the legendary Bob Barker helmed the show for the first 35 years. Some time ago, Drew lost a lot of weight – as I recall, he’d said he’d lost something like 80+ pounds! He’s now much thinner than before – he looks amazing! –  and he’s said he’s healthier now. In fact, he announced some time ago that he was told by his doctor that he no longer needs diabetes medication! Excellent news!

The good thing about what Carey has done since taking the helm of The Price Is Right is that, instead of trying to emulate Barker, he’s really made the show his own, and has put his own style into hosting it. Trying to emulate Barker would have done Bob and the show a major disservice. I believed that when Drew took over, and still believe it now. What Carey has done is breathe a new life into the show.

George Gray is the latest announcer for the show, taking over from Rich Fields, who left after season #38. It is well known (Rich mentioned it himself) that the producers of the show wanted to go a different direction for an announcer. After a trial of various voices that took much of last season, the producers chose Gray as TPIR’s new announcer.

Those who’ve followed TV over the years may know the name George Gray. For a year, he was the host of the American version of Junkyard Wars, and he was also the host of the half-hour version of The Weakest Link.

Although I liked him in those host roles, being a show announcer suits him. He does an excellent job in engaging the audience, and he works well on stage with Carey.

Will TPIR reach its 50th anniversary in 10 years? Hard to say. The game show nut in me hopes so. I’m not expecting the show to run another 25 or 35 years, but if both Carey and Gray stick around, I think The Price Is Right is in good hands for the future.




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