Sorry…have to rant here today…

21 08 2011

Pardon me for the rant, but I have to get this out for my own good.

I’m very unhappy with how my life is going right now.

I’m spending all day, every day, in a wheelchair. Unless we can figure a way to get some kind of recliner that is compatible with the Hoyer lift that we use for transfers, we’ll have no way that I can get into a different kind of seated position (and one that is more comfortable) than my current one. The idea is for me to get into a recliner for a couple of hours every day, so I can allow my body to stretch and relax for that time. We’ll see what we can do, but I don’t hold much hope. Recliners all pretty much sit directly on the floor, with no gaps to allow the wheels of the Hoyer lift to get under the seat.

I’m very unhappy with the fact that my hearing is in bad shape. I have literally constant (24/7) tinnitus in my deaf left ear, and that sound, being in the lower frequency, drowns out any low frequency sounds that my otherwise fine right ear can hear, and that includes speech. I just had a neighbour come by for a visit. Now, she does have her own speech issues, and I try my best to understand what she says, but with my hearing problems, I can’t. It’s very annoying. Even with other folks, I have to have them repeat what they say to me, and talking on the phone longer than a few seconds to impart a message or to let someone in is impossible anymore.

I may say more on what’s going on later. But for now, I need to take it easy, and try to relax.




One response

29 08 2011
Rose Burthom

Hang in there Jim. There are lots of people that love you. I have and still pray for you ever since this had happened to you. Try to focus on what is still posative. You have a better place to live. You are closer to the grocery store. You finally got your new wheelchair. You have you job on the radio show that you enjoy. Life is always making us feel like crap but, we can’t let it win. You are a wonderful person and I pray things will get better for you. Rose B.

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