Not Bell’s Palsy, but, in fact, a mild stroke…

14 05 2011

I had a visit from my family doctor here the other day. I’m thankful that I have a family doctor who is willing to come and visit me. In my situation, making regular trips to the doctor’s office is tricky for me.

Part of the purpose of his visit was to follow up with me regarding my trip to the hospital last month (which I had blogged about). I had checked into the hospital because the building staff here had thought that I had been hit with a mild form of Bell’s Palsy.

As it turned out, according to my doctor, I had, in fact, been hit with a very mild stroke. In addition to his office work, he also works at the local hospital, and therefore saw the results of the tests that were done while I was there.

Fortunately, the stroke has passed, and other than feeling a little more tired than in the past, I’m feeling no other effects from it. As I commented earlier in this blog, I am back on the air, and I’m grateful for that.

The fact that we now know that it was, actually, a stroke, makes me even more grateful for the quick, decisive action that Cheryl and Anna from the building staff took that morning to get me to the hospital. The fact that they saw me and called for the ambulance right away might very well have saved my life.

Thank you, Cheryl and Anna.




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