Back on the air tonight… :)

20 04 2011

As some of you may have been aware, I was a bit under the weather a little while ago, causing me to miss my radio shows the past couple of weeks.

The worst time for me was nearly two weeks ago, when I had what building staff here described as a case of Bell’s Palsy. For those who don’t know what that is, Bell’s Palsy is an affliction of one of the nerves in your face. How it affects people varies. In my case, it got my mouth and lips, to the point that speaking was very difficult, because the muscles in my lips and the right side of my face were not working.

I’m very grateful that we have an excellent group of people here on the staff. They noticed that something was very wrong with me and called the ambulance to get me to the hospital. I had a series of tests done on me: blood work, x-ray, CT scan, all of which came back negative. That was a very good sign, because whatever had hit me was very likely to be a virus of some kind, and would pass by soon, so I would feel better.

Thankfully, I am feeling much better now. I made sure to relax the previous week or so, to give my body a good chance to recuperate.

I’m pleased to say that I’ll be back on the air at as of tonight, with my regular Wednesday night show, Over The Hump, starting at 10pm Eastern, 7pm Pacific. I’m looking forward to being back on the radio – I’ve missed it!




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