Okay…this is ridiculous…

16 01 2011

Just what is this world coming to?

Earlier this week, the Canadian Broadcast Standards Council (CSBC), in its infinite wisdom, has banned radio stations in Canada from playing the unedited, full album version of the 1985 Dire Straits classic, “Money For Nothing”, because it apparently received one complaint from eastern Canada, that the song contains three uses of a word that refers to sexual orientation, in a way that, apparently, was taken out of context, and taken the wrong way.

This is crazy!

Mark Knopfler, the lead singer of Dire Straits, had this to say about the song. This is from his 1985 interview with Rolling Stone magazine:

‘The singer in “Money for Nothing” is a real ignoramus, hard hat mentality – somebody who sees everything in financial terms. I mean, this guy has a grudging respect for rock stars. He sees it in terms of, well, that’s not working and yet the guys rich: that’s a good scam. He isn’t sneering.’ *

Clearly the listener who complained didn’t view the use of the word that way.

I’m pleased to hear that a couple of radio stations here in Canada, out of protest, repeatedly played the unedited version of “Money For Nothing”.

If the CSBC were to use this song as a precedent for future song bannings, they would find an issue with many of the songs that are out there – not just the classic rock field, but any music field. And that means less choice of music for the radio industry in Canada.

Come on, CSBC…25+ years is too long a time to make a ruling on “Money For Nothing”, when such a ruling was really not needed, anyway, and certainly, not a ruling based on one single complaint out of millions of Canadians – and besides, there are a lot of other songs out there that are worse culprits than this classic.

* [Tucker, K.; Fricke, D., “Fearless Leader”, Rolling Stone, November 21, 1985]




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