Cooperstown will have a Canadian feel this year…

5 01 2011

Earlier today, the player inductees for the Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown, NY, were announced. And two players, who both barely missed being elected in 2010, got the nod this year.

Bert Blyleven, who pitched in the Major Leagues for over two decades, winning two World Series during that time, has been elected, after earning 79.7% of the votes (75% or better is needed to be elected).

And former Toronto Blue Jays second baseman Roberto Alomar picked up a whopping 90.0% of the votes this year to be elected to Cooperstown. Alomar spent 17 seasons in the majors, with a career batting average of .300, was an All-Star in 12 of those 17 seasons, and was instrumental in the Blue Jays’ two World Series championships in 1992 and 1993.

Alomar joins two other baseball icons from Canada in the Hall of Fame this year.

Pat Gillick was chosen by the Veteran’s Committee. Gillick joined the Jays’ front office for the club’s first year in 1977 and, as their General Manager, guided them through the World Series years. In his final year as a baseball GM in 2008, he won his third World Series, at the helm of the Philadelphia Phillies.

Dave Van Horne is the 2011 recipient of the Ford C. Frick Award for major contributions in baseball broadcasting. Van Horne spent 32 seasons broadcasting for the Montreal Expos, and is now the radio voice of the Florida Marlins.

The award ceremony at the Baseball Hall of Fame will be July 24 in Cooperstown, NY.

Congratulations to all!

UPDATE (January 6): It was just announced that for the first time in team history, a Blue Jays cap will be worn by a Hall of Famer in Cooperstown. Newly-elected former Jay Roberto Alomar’s Hall of Fame plaque will show him wearing a Jays cap. Excellent!




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