“Citytv…Everywhere” voice silenced…

6 12 2010

Today is a very sad day for me, as a longtime TV voice and journalist lost his battle with cancer.

Mark Dailey, known for decades as the voice of Citytv in Toronto, died today. He was 57.

Mark, who was once a policeman in Ohio before moving to Canada, joined Citytv in 1979, first as assignment editor, and later as a crime reporter, moving on to anchor CityPulse and CityNews in later years.

Mark was also known to many as “The Voice” of Citytv, handling the lion’s share of continuity announcing for the station, in addition to his work on the news. His trademark, for lack of a better word, was for his station IDs, in which, with his incredible baritone voice, he said “This is Citytv….EVERYWHERE.”

Fellow broadcaster Gene Valaitis said it perfectly. This is from a report that was on 680News.com:

“On behalf of everybody who has ever made a living, talking for a living, I can guarantee you, we’ve all tried to say ‘everywhere’, but none of us could do it like Mark.”

Mark had battled cancer once before – prostate cancer – and had won that battle, being cancer-free for six years, until this past September, when he announced on the air that he had cancer in his kidneys. Unfortunately, the disease had spread to his lungs.

Mark Dailey is survived by his wife, Kim, and his daughter Nicole.

Thank you, Mark. We will miss you. RIP.

Obituary from Citytv




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