Back to the curling… :)

31 10 2010

A week ago, I once again started taking part in an activity I really enjoy, but for various reasons I couldn’t take part in the past two years: wheelchair curling.

I first found out about wheelchair curling some 4 years ago while I was in the hospital after my legs gave out on me. One of the therapists in the hospital told me about the wheelchair curling, and I decided I wanted to join in. I was really glad I did. I had a blast.

Wheelchair curling uses the same ice sheet and rocks used in regular curling. However, in wheelchair curling, there is no sweeping to help direct the rocks when they’re thrown. The result of each shot is fully dependent on the skill of the person throwing the rock. Think of it as a form of shuffleboard on ice.

Each player uses a “delivery stick” which has a hinge that hooks onto the handle of the rock. That hinge also allows the shooter to impart the rotation (in-turn or out-turn, in curling lingo) needed to make the rock curl while on the ice.

Here are a couple of pics of the first wheelchair curling session of the season:

Me on the ice...

Me on the ice...

Me sending a stone on its way...

Me sending a stone on its way...

PS – this is my 100th blog post on WordPress, though I have had the blog for some time before joining WordPress, back when I was still on MySpace.




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