“The Twilight Zone” DVD box set not captioned? WTF???

21 10 2010

I am very angry and disappointed tonight.

Earlier today, I plunked down $30 and bought CBS DVD’s Season One box set of the classic TV show The Twilight Zone.

I’ve seen bits and pieces of the show over the years when I was a kid, when it was in reruns in the 80s, long after the original series had completed its run. But there is no doubt that The Twilight Zone was one of the all-time classics in television. I saw this set in the store today, and bought it immediately. I was very interested in seeing how the series started out.

I was in for a major disappointment.

Not in the series itself, but in the fact that the none of the episodes in the set have any form of captioning or subtitles. With my seriously impaired hearing, captioning has become a must when I watch TV. Without captions, I cannot understand what is being said in a TV show.

As a result, without captions, I am unable to watch this set of DVDs. They have become useless to me. I have wasted $30.

I realize now that I should be looking at these boxes more closely to make sure that the captioning is included, but come on: in this day and age, it is inexcusable for a major media company like CBS to not provide some form of captioning on a DVD box set, especially for such a classic series. I have DVDs of other CBS-owned (originally from Paramount) shows, like the original Star Trek, which is only a few years more recent than The Twilight Zone, and was made long before closed captioning became commonplace, and these Star Trek episodes are captioned.

But not The Twilight Zone. And as a result, I, and anyone else who cannot hear well enough to understand the dialogue in them, am unable to watch these DVDs.

Thanks, CBS. Because of the omission, my evening has been ruined.




3 responses

15 03 2011

Hi there Jim — the “definitive collection” box set says it’s closed captioned on the box, but, like you, no captions, no subtitles, and thus no luck. 😦 I’m bummed.


19 09 2011

Hi Jim and zhak,

I am a non-native English speaker and always think that captioning greatly helps me understand what is said in foreign TV shows/movies, etc. I saw the box indicating “closed captioned” but found that there was no such a thing. Like you, I was so disappointed.

All the best,

11 09 2013
Marisa Gunther

There is nto captions ;( That´s sad!!!

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