New set of wheels…

14 10 2010

It’s here!

Earlier today, my new wheelchair has arrived.

One neat new thing is that this chair has “power-assist” in the wheels, meaning that it only takes a small push to get them to go a considerable distance. In time, they can be adjusted so I can travel a very long distance on one push. Until then, the power is on a lower setting.

I’m also finding that this chair is higher than my previous one, which means I’m sitting at a better height when at my desk or at the sink than previously.

I’ll be testing out the current setup for a few days, and if need be, we’ll have some more tweaks done. We want to get this chair just right, because it’ll be my chair for the next five years.

Here are pictures of my new wheels:

My new set of wheels!

Me in my new wheelchair

Controller for my new chair's power-assist wheels

The pictures don’t show the colour of the chair very well, but it is a dark green, same as my old chair. They call it “emerald green”, but it seems darker than that to me – more like a “forest green”. When I first saw that colour when I was being fitted for the old chair, I decided immediately that I wanted that colour.

Yes, this new chair will take a little getting used to, but I’m sure I’m going to like it!




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