Another Canadian journalist steps down…

7 09 2010

Wow…this came as a surprise to me when I first found out about it, but thinking more about it, perhaps it wasn’t as much of a surprise at all.

Tom Clark, who’d been with CTV News for nearly 40 years, has left the network, according to CTV’s news release earlier today.

Clark, most recently the host of “Power Play with Tom Clark” on CTV News Channel, has also been CTV’s bureau chief in Washington and in China, and has covered major events like the fall of the Berlin Wall, the events at Tiananmen Square, and every federal election in Canada since 1974.

Now why do I say Clark’s departure was not a surprise? It seems as though his departure was coming, after Lisa Laflamme was chosen to succeed Lloyd Robertson as the the anchor for CTV National News. It did look to me as though Clark was the heir apparent to Robertson’s post, but that wasn’t to be.

Please note, folks, that my comments about why Clark has left are merely speculation on my part. According to the CTV press release, Clark “has moved on to pursue other opportunities.”

At any rate, I do wish Tom Clark the best of luck with whatever the future holds in store for him. He’s an excellent journalist, and he will be missed.




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