Ontario independent TV station returns, in a way…

31 08 2010

Monday marked the return, of sorts, of a long-time independent TV station in Ontario.

Hamilton’s CHCH-TV was Canada’s first television station to not be affiliated with a major network (at the time, there were two: CBC and CTV). Its lineup featured movies, plus a number of home-grown shows.

For a number of years, CHCH was owned by Canwest Global, and operated first under the CH brand and then part of the now-defunct Canadian version of the E! network. It was purchased last year by Channel Zero, which is one of the “new kids on the block” in Canadian media, having been around only since 2000.

In the year since Channel Zero bought CHCH, it had been run mainly as a news and movies station, with news programming all day during the week, and movies filling in the remainder of the schedule.

A new programming lineup for the station launched on Monday. While news and movies will continue to be a major part of CHCH’s programming, Channel Zero has added other shows to the evening mix, including a number of shows were previously the domain of conventional TV. These programs include new seasons of Smallville, Supernatural, Chuck, and Jimmy Kimmel Live, plus documentary/news magazine shows 48 Hours Mystery, 20/20 and, starting in 2011, 60 Minutes. Also, a long running sports show that, until recently, was a nightly staple on Global Toronto, makes its return: Sportsline.

The renewal of CHCH is highlighted with a remake of CHCH’s classic multicoloured logo.

Here’s the logo that CHCH used from the 1960s thru 1980s:

Original CHCH Logo

…and the new logo:

New CHCH Logo

To find out more, check out CHCH’s website.




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