Another reason to be glad I no longer have cable…

31 07 2010

In the words of Fred Rogers (no relation to the late Canadian communications mogul Ted Rogers): can you say “conflict of interest”?

It was announced earlier this week that Rogers Communications, which is already running a set of four regional “Sportsnet” channels, will be launching a national sports channel, Sportsnet ONE, on August 14th.

This has me scratching my head. Was it not over a year ago when the same Rogers company, which also runs the one of the largest cable systems in Canada, finally decided to carry the new TSN2 channel (an add-on for the main TSN sports network) on Rogers Cable, after holding off for several months, apparently because of the belief that a new sports network would “water down” what is available in sports on Canadian TV, and particularly, what the regional Sportsnet channels could pick up?

And now, Rogers is about to launch its own national sports network, and you can be sure that the minute it goes on air, Rogers Cable will have it in their lineup.


I can understand, back in 2000, when the CTV television network bought TSN, that they could no longer keep Sportsnet, which was, at the time, owned and operated by CTV. But I still wonder what business a cable company had in buying a television property in the first place. The Canadian TV regulatory body, the CRTC, at the time, gave the purchase the green light, believing that Rogers’ acquisition of Sportsnet would not give the networks an unfair advantage.

Wonder what the folks at the CRTC are thinking now.

It’s a good thing I no longer have cable. It’s too expensive for what I want to watch, and after the free preview for Sportsnet ONE ends, the price for watching sports on Canadian TV will be even higher.

No thanks. Pass.

UPDATE (Aug. 12): Toronto Star’s Chris Zelkovich wrote in his column today that at this moment, only Rogers Cable (surprise, surprise) has picked up the new Sportsnet ONE, but none of the other cable or satellite carriers have yet to follow suit. Here’s his take on the situation.




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