Exit Lloyd Robertson in 2011…enter Lisa LaFlamme…

9 07 2010

One of the most-respected national news anchors Canada has ever seen will be stepping down from his post next year, after 35 years of bringing you the day’s news each weeknight.

It was announced Thursday that Lloyd Robertson, the current chief anchor and senior editor for CTV News, will be retiring from the anchor desk in the latter part of 2011 – a position which, at that time, he will have held for 35 years: at first, sharing the desk with the late Harvey Kirck, and then on his own since 1984.

This afternoon, CTV announced that Lisa LaFlamme, currently the network’s National Affairs correspondent, will take over for Lloyd full time next year. In the meantime, Lloyd and Lisa will share weeknight anchoring duties.

To find out more about CTV’s choice for the new host of CTV National News, see this press release.

This choice is no surprise, as Lisa has filled in for Lloyd at the desk on a number of occasions in the last few years, and with her impressive background at CTV News, she has earned this opportunity. Congratulations, Lisa, and good luck to you as the new national anchor at CTV.

There is some good news here about Lloyd, too. Even though he’ll be leaving his position at CTV News, he will remain with the network to work on other projects, and will continue to co-host CTV’s current affairs show, W5.

On behalf of all of Canada, thank you, Lloyd, for all of your hard work, and I wish you nothing but the best in the future.




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