I must go out more often…

3 07 2010

Lunch outing, L-R: Nina, myself, Vic

I had a blast on Friday, finally meeting, in person, a couple of my online friends.

Vic and Nina are a couple of great people who I met online last year. We all met as members of Global Toronto’s News Hour Final live blog. Even though Global no longer runs what is known as “The Glog”, the friendships that have been formed are what I treasure the most.

It was really neat to meet Vic and Nina in person. We got together for a very nice lunch at the local Montana’s restaurant.  I had a great time, chatting about a variety of things – it felt almost as though we have had countless outings like this in the past. It was a lot of fun, and I’m looking forward to seeing them again!

Montana’s has been one of my favourite restauarants – I’ve always been a fan of the more “roadhouse” type of restaurants – but I hadn’t been there in more than two years. Shame on me – this is an excellent place for an outing.

I really need to get myself to go out for social occasions more often.  The trip yesterday was really the first such outing I’ve had in a long time. This was long overdue.

To Vic and Nina – thank you for being part of a great day!




2 responses

3 07 2010

Jim, it was definitely my pleasure to get out and meet you. You’re right in that it felt like we’d known each other for ages as opposed to meeting for the first time. We’ll definitely have to do this again sometime.

5 07 2010

Sounds like you had a good time and a good experience for you. Too and I could not be part of it but I guess it was not meant to be. Hope you have more outings to keep your spirits up.

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