Former News Hour Final Glog gets mention from Ryerson…

6 06 2010

This is cool, gang…

In the Spring 2010 edition of “Second Life” by the Ryerson Review of Journalism, Global Toronto’s live blog for News Hour Final is mentioned, and three of the blog’s participants, including yours truly, have been mentioned in the story.

The article recounts some of what was discussed in the “Glog” (short form for “Global Blog”) during an edition of News Hour Final from last November. Not only were the three “Gloggers” mentioned (Vic and Nina, as well as myself), but also Glog moderator Bill Marshall, News Hour Final anchor Carolyn Mackenzie, and meteorologist Anthony Farnell.

I do remember some of what was discussed back then: especially, the mention of Nutella. Read the article to see Carolyn’s reaction to that topic.

Sadly, the original Glog has since been discontinued by Global. However, the Glog lives on! One of the original regular Gloggers has kept it running, albeit with only the viewers participating, so we can keep the discussion going.

However, this story is a cool look back to how Global had, at least for a time, been forward-thinking in terms of keeping viewers in touch with those that present the news, and providing a forum in which to talk about the events of the day.

Thanks to fellow Glogger Vic for bringing this story to my attention!




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