The latest addition to my blog: RSS capability…

1 06 2010

Thanks to a suggestion by Cake Wrecks/EPBOT’s Jen Yates, I have added something new to my blog. You can now subscribe to “Through Jim Todd’s Eyes…” using the blog’s RSS feed.

Jen posted the idea of using RSS in one of her blogs today, including how to use an RSS reader to see the latest entries from the blogs you read. I now have many of the blogs I read in Google’s RSS Reader, which will make my daily blog reading much more simple, compared to having the link to each blog in my bookmarks, and taking a chance that there will be something new. Now, using Google Reader, I will see when each blog posts something I haven’t read yet.

If you read a lot of blogs and you aren’t yet using an RSS reader like Google Reader, it’s definitely worth having it. Google Reader is completely free and easy to set up. Once your reader is ready, just go to each of the blogs you read, and if you see a reference to RSS, click on it, and add it to your list on Google Reader. The easiest way to add blogs via RSS is to look for this symbol:

…and give it a click.




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