Ernie Harwell (1918-2010)

4 05 2010

The baseball world lost a legend today. Ernie Harwell, longtime Detroit Tigers broadcaster, passed away at the age of 92.

Harwell spent 55 years calling the play-by-play on radio and television for Major League Baseball – 44 years of that for the Tigers.

The TSN website posted an AP story about Ernie Harwell. This story is a better look back at Ernie’s life and career than I could ever write. You can read that here.

I’d also like to share with you a couple of comments about Ernie Harwell that I saw on Twitter this evening:

From Jeff Blair, The Globe and Mail:

“In memory, let’s all listen to Vin Scully some time this week. Think Ernie would like that ….”

From Jack Curry, YES Network:

“I spoke with Ernie Harwell a few times and was transfixed by how gentlemanly and polite he was. We lost a great man today.”

On a personal note, though I have lived in the area of central Ontario, Canada, all my life, and the Toronto Blue Jays were the team I’ve been following for years, I did get the opportunity to hear Ernie Harwell’s voice on the air. During a Blue Jays radio broadcast in the late 1980s, Ernie was invited to call the play-by-play for a half inning during a Jays/Tigers game at Tigers Stadium. And there’s no question: every accolade Ernie has received in his career was well earned.

Rest in peace, Ernie…




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