Sorry to see him go: Kevin Newman to step down from Global National…

1 05 2010

Those who follow news on both sides of the Canada/US border will know of Kevin Newman, the anchor of Global National with Kevin Newman since its debut in September 2001.

Canadian viewers will know his work with Global Television for the past decade, as well the time he spent with the CBC and CTV in the late 1980s/early 1990s. But American viewers will know the name too, from his time with ABC News, subbing at times for the late Peter Jennings as the anchor for World News Tonight, as well as hosting and reporting for World News Now and Good Morning America.

It was announced Friday that Kevin will be signing off from his final edition of Global National as anchor on August 20.

Let’s be clear on this. In spite of the fact that there have been recent cutbacks in staff and resources at the financially-troubled Global network, Newman does not appear to be in the process of being pushed out.

In his resignation e-mail, he said the reason for his departure is because he thinks “it’s time to make a change”. Canwest Broadcasting president Peter Viner also commented that Kevin “is looking forward to ‘an extended period of travel and relaxation.'”

And you have to think that after Kevin’s much-deserved time off, he will be back on the air in some capacity.

It has been announced that Newman will work with the folks at Global to find a new national anchor and to make the transition between the two to be as smooth as possible.

I first noticed Kevin Newman’s work during the attacks of September 11, 2001, only eight days after his debut on Global National. I was impressed with how well he described what was going on, and keeping impartial in the process. His guidance under Peter Jennings at ABC really shone here. Global National‘s coverage of those attacks was the best I’d seen of any network at the time. And that was one of the reasons that Global National became my national newscast of choice shortly afterward.

Kevin, thank you for being part of Global National for the past decade. I hope you enjoy your time away, and look forward to your return as a journalist in the not-too-distant future.

(Thanks to and Canwest Media for publishing the story that prompted me to write this entry.)




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