A new project for me over the summer: voice acting…

29 04 2010

I’m looking forward to this. It’s something I’ve never tried before.

Later this year, I will be playing the role of Derek in an upcoming audio dramatization of “Project 31”, part one of the Dark Worlds trilogy, written by BounceRadio.net colleague Zack Daggy. Zack has teamed up with Astral Audio Productions for this project.

I do not consider myself a physical actor by any stretch. Somehow the term “wooden” isn’t enough to say how bad a physical actor I am. However, I have never tried voice acting before, so I thought it was worth a try putting together the audition, after finding out about it from another BounceRadio colleague.

I got the good news about being cast for the Derek character Tuesday evening.

You’ll hear more about this in the coming months. Zack Daggy himself will be making the official announcement for the production near the end of May. And I’ll have more to say about it once we start rehearsing our parts and start recording in a couple of months.




8 responses

29 04 2010

Well done Jim. Look forward to hearing it

29 04 2010
Jim Todd

Keep an eye on this blog, Paul. I’ll be keeping folks posted on how it’s going, and as soon as we’re ready for the debut, I’ll be letting you know.

29 04 2010
Allen Sale

I look forward to directing and producing it. You may not be an actor now, but you will be by the time I’m done with you.

29 04 2010
Jim Todd

Thanks, Allen! I’m looking forward to being part of this! It’ll be a neat challenge!

29 04 2010

Jim I think that’s fabulous news! Keep me posted!

29 04 2010
Jim Todd

Will do, Carm. Keep watching this blog…

5 05 2010

That’s awesome Jim, Congrats & Good Luck with the rehearsing. Can’t wait to listen in. Glad to see you’re still willing to try new things.

5 05 2010
Jim Todd

Thanks! Looking forward to it!

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