Ted Bird, The Masters, and The Musical Journey’s 3rd Anniversary

12 04 2010

It is neat to see Ted Bird land a new morning show gig.

I know many of you have no idea who Ted Bird is. Ted has been a mainstay in radio in Montreal, Quebec for a long time, and had recently resigned his morning host position at CHOM-FM, for reasons that he describes here.

It was just announced late last night/early this morning that beginning April 19, Ted will join the morning show for one of Montreal’s lesser-known stations: CKRK-FM, known as K103, is a low powered station on Mohawk-owned land near Montreal.

The plus side for Ted landing at K103 is that the station is one over the very few remaining conventional radio stations where the hosts have the freedom to be creative on air – something that was not a possibility for him at CHOM.

Fagstein blogger Steve Faguy has more about Ted in his blog entry from early this morning, which you can read here.

There is also a piece in the Montreal Gazette, where Ted writes a regular blog. You can read that here.

Best of luck to you at K103, Ted!

I deliberately stayed away from watching the Masters this weekend, because I didn’t want to hear any more about the scandal involving Tiger Woods, and how he appears to be trying to turn his life around. That said, congratulations are in order for Phil Mickelson, who is now a three-time Champion at Augusta National.

It was cool to read how his wife (who’s been battling breast cancer, and Phil himself admitted that there was a time that he wasn’t sure that Amy would be able to be there for the tournament) and their kids were on hand to watch Phil sink a birdie putt to clinch the title.

The past year has been a major roller coaster ride for the Mickelsons: from Amy having been diagnosed with cancer some 11 months ago, to the pinnacle of achievement in golf.

Congratulations, Phil!

We’re getting closer, friends: my third anniversary with BounceRadio.net is this Friday.

As I have mentioned elsewhere the past week or so, it still amazes me that I’ve been hosting my main radio show, The Musical Journey, for three years. The time has flown by, and every minute of it has been a blast. And it’s the BounceRadio listeners, who have been tuning in every Friday, who are a huge reason why I’ve been having so much fun. It’s true: if the listeners weren’t there, there would be no Musical Journey.

So, as a salute to the listeners, this Friday’s Musical Journey will consist of 100% requests. A little over a week ago, I put out a call for requests for the show, and though The Musical Journey is largely a classic rock show, I’ve taken off pretty much all of the restrictions on the music that will be played this week. The requests that have come in so far go from classic rock to modern rock to just about anything in between and beyond! It is going to be a great way to wrap up three years at BounceRadio, and an even better way to set things up for the start of year #4.

There’s still time if you have a song in mind that you’d like me to play Friday. Drop me a line at todd@bounceradio.net with your request. And everyone is invited to join me for the All-Request Third-Anniversary Musical Journey, Friday 7-10pm Eastern, 4-7pm Pacific.

To tune in, go to our main website at www.BounceRadio.net and click the “BounceRadio Music” button. See you Friday!




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