Dreams: go away!

11 04 2010

There are times, to be sure, when I wonder why I bother with dreaming at all.

Many times, I have no recollection of the dreams whatsoever, and that’s not a bad thing. I wake up feeling ok, and ready to take on the day.

But there are times, all too often, when a dream will wake me up thinking, “What the hell was that all about?”, and that’s often enough to put me out of kilter for the night, to the point where how I handle the next day is in jeopardy.

And then there are occasions like last night, where dreams like this happen a few times in the night, and one such event occurs just before I’m to get up in the morning. When that happens, I’m so ticked off about the dreams that the day ends up being pretty much a write-off.

And it’s nights like last night that make me wonder what the value is in dreaming for me in the first place. I don’t recall the last time I actually had a good dream. So why do I bother with having them at all?




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