It’s been three years??? Wow…

5 04 2010

I’m still in awe about this: April 16th marks my third anniversary of being involved in internet radio. And my original radio show, The Musical Journey, is going as strong as ever! Every minute of this show is an absolute blast for me!

And there’s a reason for that: the BounceRadio listeners, as without them, I would have no radio show to host.

And so, as my way of thanking the listeners, my April 16th show will be 100% requests. Yep – the BounceRadio listeners will determine the songs I’ll play that night. And I’ve taken off the restrictions that I normally have for The Musical Journey. It’s usually a classic rock show, but for this anniversary show, listeners can request just about anything they wish! It does not have to be classic rock. Someone requests Crazy Frog? I’ll put it in!

It’s the all-request third anniversary of The Musical Journey: Friday, April 16, 7-10pm Eastern, where the world listens to internet radio:!

And if you have a request, let me know! Drop me a line: – and if you have more than one song in mind, I want to hear about it! The more requests I get, the greater the variety of music you’ll hear on the 16th.




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