This past weekend opened my eyes…

8 03 2010

…to how much I have become reliant on the internet.

Late last Friday night, my laptop computer would not start, no matter what I tried. Normal startup, safe mode, restored to another time, nothing worked. I was suspecting that there was a virus that got the machine.

After doing some more investigating, I have determined that it is not a virus after all (thank goodness), but instead, a problem that has come up with the boot sector of the laptop’s hard drive.

So, I’m hoping that, to get things up and running on the laptop again, I’ll need to save off all the user data to my external drive, and then attempt to repair that section, or if need be, do a full reformat of the hard drive and re-install everything.

However, for Saturday, I was without a working computer at all, and it took its toll on me. I had no access to e-mail, Twitter, Facebook, or anything else that has become part of my daily routine. Believe me, friends, be glad you didn’t see me that day. I felt completely lost.

The good news is that I was able to revive my old desktop computer. I’m writing this blog entry using that machine. It had had its own problems previously, with frequent unexpected shutdowns, but they appear to be because of overheating. I have since cleaned the fans on it, and as long as I don’t overtax it, it should be fine.

However, as a result of what’s happened this weekend, I will not be able to host Over The Hump on Wednesday. I am grateful that my colleague, Kara, the host of Middays with Kara Mondays and Fridays, will be filling in for me this week.

Assuming that I can keep the desktop computer running fine for the time being, I should be back on the air for The Musical Journey Friday.

I’ll keep you posted.




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