A very wild women’s snowboard cross in Whistler…but ends well for Canada!

16 02 2010

The women’s Olympic snowboard cross at Cypress Mountain, in Whistler, B.C., was a very wild affair.

Conditions were not very good when the event started earlier today. Clouds and fog obscured the track and caused a number of delays in the running of the event. The track itself was in not-so-good shape because of the mild weather, but did hold up enough to see the event completed, but not before a number of competitors, including a number of favourites, crashed. Included in that struggling group was Maelle Ricker of Canada, who fell in the first qualification run, and there had been concern that the conditions at Cypress would prevent a second qualification run, wiping out the chances for a number of snowboarders to make it to the quarterfinals.

Fortunately, it was decided to go ahead with the second qualifier, and Ricker, one of two Canadians who were trying to advance, had a great run, advancing to the quarterfinal.

The crashes continued in the quarterfinals and semifinals, but Ricker would remain on her board, advancing into the final, where another crash left Ricker all alone in front to capture Canada’s second gold medal of the Winter Olympics!

Congratulations, Maelle Ricker! Another proud moment for Canada!

As I’m writing this, Canada has a total of 5 medals, including 2 gold – the first two Olympic gold medals that Canada has won on home soil. The 33-year-old drought is well and truly behind us.

And I’m sure there are more medals to come.

Go Canada Go!




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