Canada on the Olympic medal board, but our first medal was not the colour we had hoped…

14 02 2010

That said, it was not for lack of effort. Canada’s Jenn Heil, the defending Olympic champion, skied a fantastic run in last night’s Olympic moguls event to take first place. With only one skier left, it would have taken the run of American Hannah Kearney’s life to dethrone Heil.

And the run of her life is exactly what Kearney turned in last night. She made two excellent jumps and was a little quicker on the course than Heil, and that was enough to win the gold medal. Congratulations to Kearney for the well-earned victory.

Heil ended up finishing a close second, taking the silver.

Though Canada did not get the gold, that does not take away from the performances that were seen in Whistler Saturday night. All of the competitors gave all they had and left nothing in the tank afterwards.

And because skiers had put it all on the line on that hill, there were some crashes in the final, including Canada’s Christi Richards, who fell after the first jump, but in true Olympic spirit, she got back on her skis and like the nineteen other finalists last night, completed the course, drawing cheers from the crowd in the process.

Honourable mention also goes to the other Canadian who was in the final: Olympic rookie Chloe Dufour-Lapointe turned in an amazing run for an impressive fifth-place finish.

So yes, we did not get our first ever Olympic gold medal on home soil – yet. But rest assured: it’s gonna happen, fellow Canadians. In each the past two Winter Olympics in Salt Lake City and Nagano, Canada came away with seven gold medals. There is more than enough talent and potential in this year’s team to get that many gold medals, perhaps more. So no worries, friends. Canada will have a gold medal in hand in these Games before long.




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