Glad to be back to watching the news again. Thanks Global Toronto!

1 01 2010

And here we go, folks – the first look “through Jim Todd’s eyes…” for 2010! One resolution for the New Year: to be more active with my blogging. Prior to today, I had been rather quiet. Hoping that will change for 2010!

One of the things I’m very thankful as we head into 2010 is the group of friendships I have gained over the past year, via Twitter and Facebook, and also by my taking part in the live blog for Global Toronto’s News Hour Final.

Though there was a time earlier in the past decade when I didn’t really watch any news at all, when I returned to watching the news, and also in the previous years, Global News has been my news source of choice, and has been pretty much for as long as I can remember.

My memories of Global News go all the way back to the early years, when Peter Trueman anchored the national edition, which then aired at 11pm. And in later years, Mike Anscombe and John Dawe were the primary anchors, along with Bob McAdorey as the weather presenter.

My strongest memory about Global’s news coverage was Kevin Newman’s work for Global National in 2001. Newman had become the anchor of that newscast just a week before 9/11. Newman did an outstanding job of covering the attacks and the aftermath. Thinking about it now, working with the late Peter Jennings at ABC prior to returning to Canada really helped him with his coverage of 9/11, and his work during that time was one of the reasons I chose Global National as my national newscast.

Earlier in 2009, Global Toronto extended its late evening newscast, News Final, to a full hour, and added an interactive component: the Live Blog. It was this new feature that got me interested in the news again, after a couple of years away due to my disability. Not only did you get a chance to meet other Global News viewers online in a discussion of the news we were watching, you also were able to get to know a number of great folks at Global: Leslie Roberts, who for some time anchored both of Global’s evening newscasts before sticking with the 6pm newscast for the time being; Carolyn MacKenzie, who has taken the reins of News Hour Final for now; meteorologist Anthony Farnell; weather presenter (and I understand, soon to be a full-fledged meteorologist himself) Bill Coulter, plus a number of behind-the-scenes folks who moderate the blog during the newscast. It’s been great getting to know these people in the Global Blog (now affectionately known as the “Glog”), who I would like to consider as new friends.

I am glad to be back to watching Global News again. And if you’re in Ontario and are looking for a newscast to watch, do check out Global News: Global National at 5:30 (all times Eastern), News Hour at 6pm, and News Hour Final at 11pm.




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