Why I like what I do as an internet radio host…

5 12 2009

It’s weeks like the one I just experienced that make me glad to be involved with internet radio.

For those who don’t know, I host two shows each week on BounceRadio.net: Over The Hump on Wednesday nights, and The Musical Journey on Fridays. Over The Hump is meant to help get listeners into the right frame of mind for the balance of the work week: a collection of what I call “the lighter side of rock” and contemporary instrumental. The Musical Journey is primarily a classic rock show featuring music from the ’60s onward, but there are times when I’ll change things up a little in the playlist to keep things interesting.

On Over The Hump this week, I had a visit in our BounceRadio.net chat room from someone who was listening to my show for the first time. Christine, one of our “behind the scenes” folks at the radio station, is also an artist and she told me that one of the songs I played, “In The Court Of The Mermaid” by guitarist Friedemann, inspired her to start drawing something. I thought that was cool, but didn’t really think anything more of it. The next day, Christine had posted, on one of her sites, a drawing of a mermaid, and in the caption underneath it, she credited the music in my show as being an inspiration for the drawing. I was honoured that the music I chose had that effect. It was further proof to me that the format I have chosen for Over The Hump is working.

Friday night was a special edition of The Musical Journey (aka “MJ“), focusing on music from the Psychedelic Era: 1965-75. In setting up the show, I found that, with the requests that had come in from listeners and the fact that there is a wealth of music from that era that was too good not to play, I was going to need to extend the show beyond the usual three-hour timeslot for MJ. By the time I was finished, the show ran for well over four hours, and even then, the time was gone in a flash! I had a blast with it, and some listeners commented to me afterwards that it was the best show I’d ever hosted.

Wow…if this isn’t enough to prove to me that I’m doing the right thing with my radio shows, nothing will.

I’ve been in internet radio, and BounceRadio.net, for over two and a half years, and I’m enjoying every minute of it! And feedback like this really tells me that what I’m doing with my shows is working, and that further adds to the enjoyment of what I do.

If you’re looking for something cool to listen to, something different on the radio, check out what we have at BounceRadio.net – not just my shows, but everything we have to offer! Check out our website: www.BounceRadio.net – Net Radio Worth Listening To!

UPDATE: Here is the artwork that Christine drew that was inspired by the music from my show. The song that inspired her was “In The Court Of The Mermaid” by Friedemann.





3 responses

6 12 2009

Hey Jim, As an avid listener of your shows I can tell you that you have an amazing talent. It is a skill to play music for 4 hours and keep your audience enthused and waiting to see what surprises you have waiting for us around the corner. Fridays show was the cream of the crop and you really out did yourself, presented me with amazing tunes from my past which brought back a lot of great memories. And by the conversation in the chat room I know everyone was just as entertained. On those days when you are a bit down remember your great gift for making the rest of us happy and feeling at home during the show.

My thanks for all the pleasure you have brought me though your music and friendship.


11 12 2009

Sry for commenting off topic but what WP theme are you using? It looks cool.

1 01 2010
Jim Todd

Hello there! I’m using the Freshy theme (one of those that were available to me when I set out to choose my theme), and have added Twitter, Search, and Recent Posts as widgets for the theme. Hope this helps!

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