Learning to cook? Here’s a great resource for you…

13 09 2009

Take a trip around on the internet, and look for cooking sites. You’ll find many of them out there. Lots have recipes, info about cooking styles and more. But what’s missing is a site that deals with the basics of cooking.

Except for a site put together in 2006 by former home economics teacher Kathy Maister.

StartCooking.com is a site of recipes and techniques that is geared for the beginning cook. This site is for anyone who, for whatever reason, never learned the basics on how to prepare meals at home.

I count myself as one of those.

Yes, I’d worked at McDonald’s for some 15 years and learned a lot about restaurant operations, but because of the way the kitchen was set up, there wasn’t the opportunity to learn about actual cooking. And because I’d spent 8 hours a day in the restaurant kitchen, I was not inclined to do much by way of cooking at home. But now, that part of my life is behind me, and I need to be able to do what I can in the kitchen, StartCooking.com has helped me a great deal.

The site has a collection of hundreds of recipes and other entries about cooking basics. For example, did you know that instead of an entire butcher-block full of knives, you only need three good knives to run your kitchen? Kathy explains on this page:


But the recipes are the highlights on this site. They’re meant to be quite simple, but still give you great results. Kathy’s latest entry, about grilling chicken indoors, is a perfect example. The seasoning for the chicken consists of four ingredients that most people will have in the kitchen anyway, and I tried it out for the first time last week, and it’s wonderful! Here’s the page for the video:


Did I mention that StartCooking.com also has videos for many of the recipes? Kathy explains and shows step-by-step everything that you’ll need to do, pointing you to other entries when a little more detail about a certain step is needed. The video also gives a complete rundown of all of the ingredients and equipment you’ll need. Nothing fancy about the equipment, either. All of the equipment shown is of the kind that every kitchen should be stocked with. And if you need help determining what kind of equipment you need, there’s an entry about that too!

Not only are there recipes and entries on cooking basics, but there is also information on running the kitchen itself: from kitchen hygiene to setting the table to using the microwave safely.

Kathy’s home ec teaching experience helps here, because she is able to explain all of the techniques in ways that are easy for the kitchen beginner to understand.

If you’re new to cooking and would like some help, Kathy Maister’s StartCooking.com is just what you need. Great meal ideas that are easy to prepare, and a whole lot more. Check it out!

And don’t forget to sign up for StartCooking’s mailing list, so you can have Kathy’s latest entry sent to your e-mail!


…and for information about what the StartCooking.com site is about:





2 responses

13 09 2009

Hi Jim,
Thanks for this great review! In just over two years I filmed 60 videos and about 250 photo-tutorials (and gained 30 pounds in the process!). The recipes are great for beginner cooks or for experienced cooks who want something quick and easy to make for dinner.

13 09 2009

Hi Jim – cool. I’ve been “cooking” for a long time, but doesn’t mean that I am a good cook. I’m always on the lookout for new recipes.

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