The latest news from Cake Wrecks…

29 08 2009

Fans of the Cake Wrecks blog, about which I’ve written previously here and here, will have seen this on Friday. Jen Yates has posted an update about her upcoming book tour, and the blog itself.

Now, don’t worry, folks…the blog is still going strong, with a great new entry every day. But with Yates commenting that she’s “up to my elbows in book promotion and tour stuff”, for the next little while, you’ll also see entries from her husband, John, and “Wrecksistant” Anne-Marie.

Also, Jen has announced that the blog site itself is going to undergo a makeover. A new, professionally-designed look to the Cake Wrecks page is expected to debut in September.

Yates has also given an update on the Cake Wrecks book tour, which begins in just a few weeks. A new date has been added to the tour: With Yates already in Petaluma, CA on September 27 and no stop previously planned for the following day, a visit to San Francisco has now been added for September 28.

To find out more about all of these happenings, check out this page:

…and to see the latest from Cake Wrecks:

PS: It was announced today that Jen and John are celebrating their 11th wedding anniversary. Happy Anniversary to you both!




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