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27 07 2009

There are tons of blogs out there – too many to count, I’m sure. Many are the run-of-the-mill type like what you see here.

But every now and then, readers of blogs come across a gem, and those blogs get deserved recognition, like those that were chosen as the winners in the recent BlogLuxe Awards (http://www.socialluxelounge.com/blogluxe/).

One such blog is Jen Yates’ “Cake Wrecks”, which shows, as Yates describes it in the blog’s title, “When professional cakes go horribly, hilariously wrong”.

For over a year now, on a daily basis, Yates has been posting pictures of professionally-made cakes that for whatever reason, just didn’t turn out the way the customer had expected or hoped. Many are simply spelling errors in the inscription – like the one that announces a birth by saying, “It’s a Gril!”. Others are outright misreads by the decorator of the directions from the customer, like the inscription on the cake that is on the cover of Yates’ upcoming Cake Wrecks book: “Best Wishes Suzanne Under Neat That We Will Miss You”. And sometimes, there’s no telling what the Wreckerator (Yates’ term) was thinking (such as “Happy Falker Satherhood” on a cake presented to a couple of fathers-to-be), or the design is just plain wrong, for any of a number of reasons (too many of this kind to single one out).

Of course, not all professional cakes are Wrecks. Every Sunday, Yates points out some absolute gems, showing how professional cakes should be made, in her weekly “Sunday Sweets” entry.

Not only are the cakes funny (or amazing, on Sundays) to look at, Yates and her husband, John, who also contributes from time to time, provide comments in each entry that are a lot of fun to read.

I came across Cake Wrecks a few months ago, by chance. I’ve been a daily reader ever since. One of my favourites is from this past Valentines Day: a pink cake in the shape of a heart with the inscription, “HUG ME”, but with an unintentional “E” on the end of “HUG” (http://cakewrecks.blogspot.com/2009/02/heart-expressions.html).

Everyone needs a little bit of humour in their lives, and Cake Wrecks does a great job with that. Check it out!





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29 08 2009
The latest news from Cake Wrecks… « Through Jim Todd's eyes…

[…] 29 08 2009 Fans of the Cake Wrecks blog, about which I’ve written previously here and here, will have seen this on Friday. Jen Yates has posted an update about her upcoming book […]

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